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OneTouch® Ping Questions

Q What advantages does the OneTouch Ping glucose management system have versus other systems available today?

A In addition to the industry-leading technology you've come to expect from Animas® insulin pumps (i.e., high contrast color screen; lowest basal increment for fine-tuned control, waterproof durability, Calorie King® food database), OneTouch Ping gives you the option to use the meter-remote or the pump for many glucose management functions like calculating and delivering a bolus. In essence, both pump and meter-remote are "smart", fully functional devices. OneTouch Ping is the first and only system to integrate a full function insulin pump with a blood glucose meter that is also a remote control for the pump.

Q I heard there is a OneTouch® meter that works with the Medtronic pump. How does that product differ from the OneTouch Ping?

A The OneTouch Ping glucose management system offers unique functionality unlike any other diabetes management product available on the market today.In addition to testing blood glucose, OneTouch Ping is also the only blood glucose management system available that offers full functionality from the pump and from the meter. The meter-remote not only allows you to test your blood sugar, it also gives you the option to calculate a bolus and even instruct the pump to deliver it, so you don't even have to pull out your pump to give yourself your insulin dose. Also, the OneTouch Ping meter-remote has both a backlight and a button that enables you to navigate back to a previous screen (“back” button).

Q Can I use more than one meter-remote at a time with OneTouch Ping?

A No. When you get started, you'll pair your OneTouch Ping meter-remote with your OneTouch Ping pump. Once paired, that is the only meter-remote that will be able to connect (via radio frequency) with your pump. If you want to use a different OneTouch Ping meter-remote, you'll have to unpair your existing meter-remote and then pair a new meter-remote to your pump. We have designed the system this way for safety reasons. This only applies when you use a OneTouch Ping meter-remote to control your pump. You can use a different blood glucose meter to test your blood glucose at any time and manually enter that information into the pump.

Q We have multiple pumpers in our house. Can we all use a different OneTouch Ping without interference?

A Absolutely. One of the first steps in setting up your OneTouch Ping glucose management system is to pair your meter-remote to your pump. Once you have paired your meter-remote with your specific pump, they can only "ping" each other information.

Q What if I purchase the OneTouch Ping glucose management system but prefer not to use the meter-remote?

A OneTouch Ping was designed to be flexible, so the pump is fully functional without the meter-remote. You can manually input your blood glucose value from any meter of your choosing into the pump for bolus calculations. However, if you choose not to use the OneTouch Ping meter-remote, you won't be able to bolus remotely and won't be able to access the Calorie King® food database, which resides in the meter-remote.

Q What if I forget my meter-remote?

A If you forget your meter-remote, you will still be able to control the pump manually. If you have another meter available, you can manually enter your blood glucose values and still use the bolus calculator on the pump.

Q What if I lose my meter-remote? Will I ever be able to connect another OneTouch Ping meter-remote to my OneTouch Ping pump?

A Yes. If you lose your OneTouch Ping meter-remote, you may purchase another. You will be able to "pair" the new meter-remote with your existing pump. We would be more than happy to walk you through the process. Please call 1-877-937-7867 for assistance.

Q Can I purchase a second meter-remote to have as a spare?

A Yes. Your OneTouch Ping glucose management system comes with one meter-remote, but you have the option of purchasing a spare at $199.00. It is important to note however, that your pump will only work with one meter-remote at a time. When you change to another meter-remote, you will have to unpair the previous meter-remote from your system. Then you will have to pair your spare meter-remote to your OneTouch Ping pump. We would be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Q Is there software for use with my new OneTouch Ping?

A Yes. We will be shipping your OneTouch Ping glucose management system with our newest ezManager® Max software. The software is compatible with the OneTouch Ping system, as well as both Mac and PC computers, including the Vista operating system.The OneTouch Ping will also be compatible for downloading into OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software (OTDMS).

Q Who do I call for supplies and customer support?

A OneTouch Ping pumpers should call Animas for supplies and support. You can still count on us for the 24/7 service we're known for. We're just a phone call away at 1-877-YES-PUMP (1-877-937-7867).

Q Will my pump accessories for the Animas® 2020 fit the new OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System?

A All pump accessories for the Animas® 2020 pump can be used with the OneTouch Ping insulin pump, except for the leather case. A new leather case has been updated for the OneTouch Ping insulin pump and will be available shortly. Please call Animas at 1-877-937-7867 to get more information.

Q Is the Animas® 2020 pump still available?

A Yes it is; however, you should be aware that the OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System has all the benefits of the Animas 2020 with the addition of a meter-remote which will allow you to control pump functions without touching your pump.

Battery Questions: All Pumps

Q What type of battery can be used in my pump?*

A Your pump is designed to achieve optimum performance and battery life with an AA lithium battery (1.5V). Rechargeable batteries and carbon-zinc batteries do not have the necessary characteristics to power the pump and should not be used. Some AA lithium batteries are available with other voltages such as 3.6V or 4.0V. Do not use these batteries. Use of anything other than a 1.5V battery could permanently damage the pump and voids its warranty.

Q How often does the battery cap need to be changed?*

A It is recommended that you change the battery cap/vent twice a year. If you work in a dusty environment such as a construction site, mill, cement factory, etc., or if you are a frequent swimmer, you should change your battery cap every 3 months. Battery caps can be ordered by visiting our eStore at .

Q I just replaced the battery in my pump for the first time, and now it shows 0 U on the screen but I know I have insulin in my cartridge. Why?

A Whenever the battery is removed and reinserted, the volume of remaining insulin on the wake up screen will read zero. A full rewind, load, and prime will need to be completed to resume insulin delivery after a battery change.

Travel and Recreation Questions: All Pumps

Q Can I go through the metal detector at the airport with my pump?

A Yes, the walk-through and the wand are OK. However, the pump cannot be exposed to X-rays. For more information about traveling with the pump, go to our articles section.

Q Can I swim with my pump**?

A Yes, the pump is waterproof in up to 12 feet of water for up to 24 hours. Before swimming, it is always recommended to do a visual inspection of the pump and battery cap. Deep scratches, cracks, a loose keypad, and/or seeing the O-ring on the battery cap could indicate that your pump is no longer waterproof. If you see any damage or have a concern, do not expose the pump to water. Call Pump Support immediately. Make sure the battery cap is seated properly and that the battery cap has been changed as instructed by the user guide.

**The OneTouch® Ping meter-remote must not be exposed to water.

Q What precautions do I need to follow at an amusement park ride with my pump?

A Very powerful electromagnets are sometimes used on "free-fall" amusement park rides. Insulin pumps should be removed and not taken on these "free-fall" types of rides.
High gravity forces can be experienced when riding on some roller coasters. It is recommended that you disconnect (NOT suspend) the pump while on roller-coaster rides.

General Questions: All Pumps

Q My pump was lost/stolen. What do I do to get another pump?

A A lost or stolen pump is not covered under the Animas technical warranty. Please contact your homeowner's insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of a replacement pump. Some insurance companies will allow you to put a rider on the pump.

Q The word "Locked" is on my pump screen. What does this mean?

A The Animas pump has a tamper-resistant feature allowing you to lock the pump to prevent accidental button pressing. The pump will continue to deliver the basal rates if this feature is activated. To lock the pump, simply wake up the pump and press and hold the Up and Down arrow buttons at the same time until the screen reads "Locked". To unlock the pump, wake up the pump so the screen reads "Locked" and then press and hold the Up and Down buttons at the same time until the screen display wakes up. It is highly recommended that young children and those wearing the pump in their pocket use this feature.

Q I am having problems with bubbles in my cartridge. How can I keep so many bubbles from forming?

A Bubbles can form in the cartridge for a number of reasons. These include drawing the insulin into the cartridge too fast, not having the cartridge needle tightly secured when drawing insulin from the vial, and not having the insulin at room temperature. To help avoid bubbles, check to make sure the needle is tightly secured to the cartridge before drawing the insulin, draw the insulin slowly from the vial into the cartridge, and be sure to use insulin that is at room temperature. Also, when removing the blue plunger handle take special care not to pull on the plunger itself as this will draw air into the cartridge.

Q How can I keep my infusion sets attached during hot weather or exercise?

A Using skin prep such as I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipe or Skin-Tac will help keep your infusion sets attached during hot weather or exercise. The infusion set can also be reinforced with the use of a transparent dressing such as IV3000 Dressing. If perspiration is a problem, you can also try using an antiperspirant (not a deodorant) under the infusion set adhesive. It is important to always check your infusion site following exercise or perspiration. It is important to contact your healthcare provider to determine what may work best for you or if you have allergies or skin sensitivities.

* For Animas® IR 1200 series and Animas® 2020 insulin pumps only.