ezManager® Plus software. Get the most out of your Animas® pump.

We don’t expect all people with diabetes to live the same life. Different things make you tick, whether it be the foods you like to eat to the times you like to eat them. That’s what is so great about our ezManager® Plus software.* It can help you manage your diabetes so you can keep on living your life and performing at your best.

The combination of your Animas® insulin pump and ezManager Plus software enhances your diabetes management by allowing you to:

  • Get a personalized view of your diabetes
  • Personalize the database with 500 of your favorite foods
  • Upload and download information to and from your pump
  • Download information from your blood glucose meters (see the Compatibility section to see if your glucose meter is listed)
  • View and print reports

And if you have the Animas® 2020 pump, you can use the ezManager Plus program to download insulin doses as well as download blood glucose and carbohydrate values that have been stored in the pump for additional insights on how to optimize your diabetes management.


ezManager Plus is compatible with the Animas 2020, Animas® IR 1250, Animas® IR 1200+, Animas® IR 1200 and Animas® IR 1000 insulin pumps.

Animas® IR Accessory Kit required for download.

ezManager Plus has improved the pump download speed and added a new feature: serial ports and USB ports can now be used for your download.

Glucose meters: Because meter manufacturers frequently change their programs, ezManager Plus is currently compatible with: LifeScan, Inc.: OneTouch® FastTake®, OneTouch® InDuo®, OneTouch® II, OneTouch® Basic®, OneTouch® Profile®, OneTouch® Ultra®, OneTouch® UltraSmart®, OneTouch® SureStep®. Bayer: Ascensia® Breeze®, DEX®, DEX2®, Ascensia® Elite XL®, Ascensia® Contour®.

If you install this version of ezManager Plus, you'll only be able to download the above meters, even if you had the ability to download other meters in the past.


ezManager Plus requires a doctor’s prescription. Your prescription for your Animas pump covers the ezManager Plus program.

The ezManager Plus program is available in the U.S. only.

PC Requirements

  • Not yet compatible with Windows® Vista®
  • IBM-compatible PC running Windows® 2000 or XP
  • One available USB or serial port
  • 40 MB free hard disk space (30 MB for Palm® Desktop)
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM for Windows (128 MB recommended)
  • Download cables (necessary only if you plan to download your blood glucose meter; cables available from your blood glucose meter manufacturer)


IR Accessory Kit:

  • For Animas 2020 insulin pump: no charge with your pump purchase
  • For Animas IR 1250, 1200+, 1200 and 1000 insulin pumps: $115.00

ezManager Plus (CD only–not available online):

  • New Animas pumper–no charge with pump purchase
  • Non-Animas pumper–$145.00 (prescription required)
  • ezManager Upgrade–$45.00

To order ezManager Plus or the IR Accessory Kit, please call 1-877-937-7867, option 2.

*ezManager is a prescription item.

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